English Area

English Area

God created teachers to make a difference in the world.


As the English department, our purpose is to inspire the educational community to fall in love with a second language, English, strengthening each of the different skills and competencies through the playful and pedagogical implementation of strategies that lead to continuous meaningful learning, responding to the demands of the global village, and enhancing spiritual and human values to achieve wholeness.

Our teaching team stands out for fostering joy, playfulness, teamwork, dynamism, and learning under the concept of error as an opportunity for improvement; thus, respecting the different rhythms, styles, and learning intelligences through example, providing empowerment tools to students in the acquisition of the English language through communicative skills (speaking, listening, writing, and reading), raising awareness among learners about the importance of the English language in a real and globalized context.


Consolidating in students the communicative skills and linguistic, pragmatic, and sociolinguistic competence in English through continuous practice, so they can interpret and understand different situations in a globalized and multicultural world.

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